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Formed 1990, U.S.A.

1992 Want Some?

A short lived outfit whose straight-ahead hook heavy pop metal came to late in the glam movement to make any sort of splash. Their only album was an unoriginal affair, but rocked from start to finish with the same flair as early Van Halen.
Formed in Memphis, Tennessee, by Todd Poole (vocals), former Atlanta Guitar Institute members Sid Fletcher (guitar) and Josh Weil (bass), and Scotty T (drums, who was touring the country with a Memphis blues band at the young age of fourteen).
Even an album produced by Mike Clink, sporting an outrageous cover and the debut single "Rob The Cradle" claiming "the one-take track, recorded live to tape with no edits, no dubs, no breaks, no shit," couldn't make the group stars. The group broke up shortly after, never to be heard from again.


Want Some (1992)